March 24, 2010 | Category: Uncategorized

The plan was to write about the big announcement yesterday but I got sucked into a whirlwind that I could not get out of! Ok, so here it is. At 9:30am I was at a press conference as the announcements were made for the line-up for Hot Docs 2010. I've been sitting on this news for a weeks now and it's been killing me so indulge me as I bust out the caps to say: I AM VERY PROUD AND EXCITED THAT MY DOCUMENTARY HAS BEEN SELECTED TO APPEAR IN THE LARGEST DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL IN NORTH AMERICA...AND ONE OF THE BIGGEST IN THE WORLD!! Ok, I feel better now. For those who don't know the story, or haven't seen the new trailer, please take a few minutes and check out: for more. After the press conference, Pete and I did a bunch of interviews with Bravo, CP24, Etalk/CTV, Rogers TV, Canadian Press, National Post, CBC, and Toronto Star. It was strange being on the other side of things after spending 17 years being the guy on TV who asks the questions. There really is an art form in learning how to say the same thing differently every time! Anyway, I will be posting those interviews as soon as possible. And so it begins. I can't wait for everybody to come out for the premiere. We have 3 screenings scheduled during Hot Docs as of right now. Visit the following link for more info: And here is the official poster for the film: FP POSTER 1 That's it for now. More updates coming soon! Peace and good vibes, G.

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