Hello boys and girls…

I hope you’re all doing great on this Tuesday morning!
I’m listening to the Howard Stern show right now on Sirius XM- it’s the one thing that keeps me sane during the day so I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. The topic at hand as I write this blog is IQ tests. Howard is planning on setting up some IQ tests for his staff so should be interesting to hear what the results are. Everyone is taking bets on who’s stupider. Are these tests still given out?? Have any of you ever taken this test? There’s a few people I can think of that I would love to have examined.

IQ tests aside, I’ve been extremely busy these last few weeks getting ready for Hot Docs and doing a bunch of press. Hopefully you’ve all seen or read the various coverage. We’ve been featured in the National Post, the Globe & Mail, the Scarborough Mirror, Now Magazine, Breakfast Television, NewsTalk 1010, 680 News, eTalk, Post City Magazine, CBC, AOL, Daytime Toronto, Doc Space, York Region Newspaper, Omni, Suite 101, Associated Press, Bravo and Toronto Life Magazine.

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Well, the big premiere of THE STORY OF FURIOUS PETE is this Friday and I’m happy to report that tickets have sold out for the Royal Cinema!! There’s still some tickets available for the second screening at the Cumberland theatre. Hope you can all make it out…it’s gonna be a good time! I’m still working out the details but it looks we’re going to set up a little watermelon eating contest before the screening. News cameras are welcome to come out and cover the contest. Also, if anybody out there wants to go head to head with Furious Pete, start doing your stretching exercises NOW!

By the way, if anybody wants to pick up tickets for the screening on Sunday May 9th to this link:


Ok, that’s it for now. Peace and good vibes to you all!


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