Pete's Story

In his own words…

In the Winter of 2002 I was hospitalized with Anorexia at the Toronto Sick Kids Hospital. Many factors come to play as to why I ended up in the hospital.

In short, a year prior to my hospitalization everyone in my family had health issues, including me.

I ended up using food as a form of control to forget about the negativity that was happening and the stress/pressure of getting into university. I ended up in the hospital at a weight of 120lbs and my heart not being able to keep up with me. Had I gone to the hospital a day later, I may not have been here today.

After leaving the hospital on my own account, clearly not ready yet, I struggled with gaining and liking life, but slowly but surely through the help of friends and internet forums like I was able to start gaining and getting a more positive outlook on life. As I began to eat normally and started seeing body composition changes, I began to have more confidence. I even after a year or 2 started to help others with their problem, and people were referring to me as an inspiration.

Years of training made me smarter, stronger and I took my body to a state that I can finally say I am pleased with. I learned many lessons and made many mistakes along the way, but it has made me better inside and out today.

Now it is time for the ironic part of my story…the part that has made me one of the world greatest eaters today.

In the early part of 2007 a few of my buddies and me went out to a breakfast pub. A few of us, including me ordered a dish called the linebacker (which consisted of two pieces of every breakfast item you can think of). To everyone’s surprise I finished my plate before anyone else got through a quarter of theirs. So we asked what the record was in the restaurant for linebackers consumed and it was two in an hour….so I did four plates.

After that I attempted and smashed restaurant records, competed in online eating contests and did challenges that were posted as impossible online. I posted all my videos online.

Then in February of 2008 I was contacted by Arnie Chapman, the chairman of the Association of Competitive Eaters, and he told me I would be the best in the world one day. He invited me down to California (free trip, so obviously I went) to compete in the North American Collegiate Eating Championships. I went down with high expectations, but didn’t expect to outeat the competition by the amount that I did. I managed to compete in 9 events in 2008 and won every event, and broke every World Record at each event.

The future for me is quite simple. I want to be the best at what I do. I want to be the best competitive eater in the world, but I want to inspire those who have struggled with eating disorders as well.

My career will never be competitive eating as I am a graduated Mechanical Engineering Student at McMaster University, but it will always be here on the side. I want to combine my passion for Aerospace with my talent for eating for as long as I can.